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6 Factors that any DevSecOps team should consider in CI/CD pipeline | Jile

6 Factors that any DevSecOps team should consider in CI/CD pipeline

Oct 1,2018

Believe it or not! But a single security breach can be disastrous for your business! Since the effort spent on security testing doesn’t add much business value, every DevSecOps team should try to optimize this effort as much as possible! Read how you can deliver continuous value faster to your customers in a secured manner!

5 Levels of Agile Planning | Jile

5 Levels of Agile Planning

Sep 1,2018

Planning is an inevitable part of everyone's day-to-day activities! In Agile Software Development too, there are multiple levels of planning based on the scale and size of the requirements and the defined timeframe. A quick read on the levels of agile planning for Scaled Agile!

Top 5 factors influencing Backlog Prioritization

Top 5 factors influencing Backlog Prioritization

Aug 1,2018

Watch out for the top 5 factors influencing backlog prioritization, which helps identify the immediate need of users and the business.


Five Powerful Enterprise Agile Frameworks

Jan 8,2018

It is easy to achieve fast and quality delivery with small teams. But, how can you scale up for a large enterprise?

DevOps is beyond technology or tooling! It is a combination of Collaboration among all involved stakeholders namely, biz, dev, test, security, & ops, Automation of repeatable tasks & Governance across the value stream from inception to delivery.

Product Head

Prabhu Arumugham

Product Head, Jile

Ten Road Signs in Agile Journey

10 Road Signs to watch out for in your Agile Journey

May 1,2018

Buckled up and all set to kick-start your Agile transformation journey? Watch out for these Agile road signs to ensure a safe journey.

Define product vision, goals and roadmap

Connecting the dots: Business and Development

Jan 8,2018

Today, enterprises are competing to stay relevant in the market. Every enterprise, be it small or large should have a clear cut vision with all the stakeholders abiding by it to succeed! Know how every business strategy should align with any new product development and delivery to the market.

Testing times in Scrum

Testing times in Scrum

Jan 8,2018

'Testing early, testing often' has become the norm in the agile world. The sooner the defects are discovered, the better! Testing professionals have a tough time trying to cope up with changing requirements. We look at how testing becomes a cake walk for QA professionals through Scrum!

Value driven agile development

Ditch the Feature Factory

Jan 8,2018

Teams churn out feature after feature at the end of every release without realizing the value added to the business. Find out how teams should focus on a value driven product development rather than an outcome driven one.

Continuous Delivery

Sports car on a mud track

Jan 8,2018

In this fast paced digital world, agile has gained importance like never before! And, automation is the key to unleash the true potential of agile. Here are a few engineering practices that help teams automate their continuous delivery pipeline.