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Scrum Basics

What is Scrum? Scrum Methodology - Roles, Artifacts, Events, & Values

Scrum is one of the most widely adopted agile processes that helps small teams having 7 to 9 members, deliver highest business value in short iterations incrementally. Take a look at scrum basics, including various scrum roles, scrum artefacts, scrum activities and scrum values to understand the foundation of Agile.

Agile Basics

LeSS - Just Scrum at Scale - Nothing More, Nothing Less!

LeSS is one of the popular agile frameworks drafted on the firm belief that Scrum has all the elements required for agile adoption. This framework provides guidance to enterprises that are looking at agile adoption, irrespective of the scale! Check out LeSS framework explained in 6 easy steps that will help you adopt Agile at scale!

Agile Basics

Get your Agile basics right

With agile catching up with many enterprises, a look at basics of agile including, agile manifesto, values and principles, its advantages and different existing agile methodologies! We will also look at different agile estimation techniques for backlog prioritization and how the backlogs are planned in releases.

Sacling Agile to enterprise

Start Small, Scale Up

In small companies with simple products and small teams, adopting agile and realizing benefits is easy and straight-forward. But how do we extend this to large companies? Learn the multiple aspects to be considered while scaling agile processes for large enterprises with large product portfolio and systems.

Agile Scaling Frameworks

Agile Scaling Frameworks

There are many enterprise agile frameworks in the industry that guide large enterprises to scale agile processes and methodologies. Read more to understand popular agile scaling frameworks that will help you adopt them accordingly.