Our Story

Jile brand story

All it takes is an idea! And behind every innovation, there are impediments. Amidst discussions and debates around Agile adoption in enterprises, we at TCS realized that Agile seems to work better for smaller co-located teams than with large distributed teams! The challenge was not only to scale across multiple teams, geographies and time-boxes, but also to align the overall enterprises' business strategy to what is being built by distributed teams.

While the market was buzzing with different Agile tools and frameworks, there was none that could completely address the real difficulty of scaling across various dimensions. And so, we built something unique and comprehensive, yet simple and relevant in today's scenario.

Enter Jile! The first Agile DevOps product on cloud, by Agile teams and for Agile teams, that will help you scale from single teams to large programs and portfolios to drive change. While striving to provide you the best-in-class product, we have been understanding evolving needs and continuously refining Jile, to present you not just a product, but an experience! We, at Jile, aspire to give you a platform that will help you plan, deliver and track Agile programs, thus adding value incrementally to your business.


To inspire and empower every Agile team in their journey towards improving the lives of people through software!


  • To instil a sense of purpose in every Agile team, who don't just build products but make the world a better place, one change at a time
  • To align agile teams to the organization's business objectives
  • To help distributed Agile teams continuously innovate, build, and deliver the best in the shortest time possible

Core Values

  • What we do is what we are - A product built by Agile teams and for Agile teams
  • Adaptability at its finest - we make agile simple and practically possible
  • As clear as crystal - we believe in open communication and transparency at all levels
  • A self-service product - simple yet comprehensive user experience
  • We are all ears - we take your inputs to constantly evolve and continue providing you the best!