Agile accelerates S/4HANA Transformation

Realize business value through quantifiable objectives and operational measures to deliver products faster to the market

Agile accelerates S/4HANA Transformation | Jile

Why Organizations are Adopting Agile for S/4HANA transformation

The global IT landscape is changing and so are market demands. Enterprises are constantly trying to keep up with these changes by rethinking their business models and ways of working. Digital Transformation creates agility, which is immensely important for success. S/4HANA is a next-generation business suite designed to simplify business's digital transformation.

Enterprises are adopting Agile for S/4HANA transformation mainly because it solves the problems associated with waterfall and much more:

  • Ensures high product quality - by enabling continuous improvement via iterations
  • Increases customer satisfaction – by allowing feedback-driven work
  • Enables risk management – with rapid iterations and incremental improvements
  • Increases project control – by facilitating collaboration and transparency
  • Enables faster ROI - with quicker time to market and higher productivity
Agile portfolio vision board

What is Lacking in Traditional Methods

Traditional model

Gaps in Documentation

Clients may face difficulty in outlining all their requirements at the beginning of the project, causing gaps in documentation.

Higher Cost

Traditional methods tend to be costly, and often more than half of the budget is spent on developing features that may not be used or required by the customer.

Lesser Productivity

In the traditional approach, there were vast chances of disconnects between the business (customer) and the engineer.

Lag in Progress

Application of any change, takes the progress back to the very initial stages, requiring a lot of rework. It is a primary reason for the failure of traditional models.

The Agile Solution

Jile provides the framework to streamline processes and drive enterprise-wide agility by overcoming challenges like real-time change management tracking, lack of end-to-end traceability, and dependencies across different tracks. It enables managing multiple portfolios and programs in an iterative way using SCRUM, KANBAN, and SAP Activate methodology.

The Agile Solution

End-to-end traceability across all the phases of transformation - Lines of Business, Work Areas, and ART (Agile Release Train) is achieved using customized reports and dashboards, RAID (Risks, Actions, Issues, Decisions) Log workflow-based approvals, organization change impact, and summary view of the program/portfolio. Jile also facilitates comprehensive testing as a continuous activity into Iterations and Releases.

Jile enables organizations to overcome challenges associated with traditional methods and visualize solutions faster

Jile as a Key Enabler for S/4HANA Transformation

Jile accelerates time-to-market through visualization of contextual solution, enabling agile-aligned execution for early solution. It enables S/4HANA transformation by connecting all dependent tracks/value streams and aligning them better to the value and solution tenets.

Enables managing multiple portfolios, programs, and parallel tracks using Scrum, Kanban, and SAP Activate methodology aligned to TCS' TDM (Transformation Delivery Method)

Agile objectives and kpi

Facilitates persona-driven project management

Agile portfolio vision board

Helps form the product backlog and enables workshop planning automation to optimize the design phase

Agile objectives and kpi

Offers real-time change management tracking

Portfolio backlog

Enables end-to-end traceability and helps manage dependencies across different tracks

Objective progress

Helps track risks, actions, issues, and decisions with a RAID log

Improve user experience with Jile
Release roadmap with Jile

Helps track lines of business, work areas, and ART (Agile Release Train) through customized reports and dashboards

What Organizations Stand to Gain

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Transformative Solution

Facilitates evolutionary Agile transformation by supporting Scrum, Kanban, Enterprise Scaling Framework, Disciplined Agile (DA), Large Scale

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Built for Enterprise-wide Scaling

Enables enterprises to continuously deliver value on a regular and predictable schedule

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Outcome-driven Approach

Helps focus on the right strategies and quickly adapt to changing business environments to accelerate value delivery to the customers

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Seamless Integration with External Tools

Designed to let the teams use tools they want without disrupting their workflow

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Single Source of Truth

Enables defining strategic vision, setting roadmaps, and business value realization through quantifiable objectives and operational measures

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Effective Collaboration

Facilitates cohesive teamwork between business stakeholders and distributed teams

TCS Velocity enables S/4HANA transformation with Jile as its key Agile Store Enabler

TCS Velocity and S/4HANA Transformations

Velocity is TCS' integrated suite of Value Enablers for COTS led transformation journeys, proof pointed on S/4HANA and realized with Agile Store.

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Implementing Agile in COTS-led ERP Transformation with Ease (tcs.com)

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Jile and TCS Velocity conjointly enhance value along S4 led transformation Journeys

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