Product Updates

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Here are the latest updates to Jile!

Jile 1.0 focused on enabling enterprises experience scaled agile by helping 'Team of Teams' adopt agile ways of working very easily. Many teams have found success in this adoption, with Jile 1.0 playing a major part.

This October, we are excited to bring you the next evolution of Jile, Jile 2.0.

Jile 2.0 will support agile delivery for really large teams through a newly introduced 'Large Product Workspace'. We have taken guidance from the 'Large Solution Layer' of Scaled Agile Framework for Enterprises [SAFe] and 'LeSS Huge' Framework of Large Scale Scrum [LeSS], which are the two very popular agile scaling frameworks.

A Large Product comprises of sub-products along various functional areas that the customer sees, uses and values as a whole. Each area or sub-product is managed by a team of Agile Teams. In the 'Large Product Workspace', large product groups can define vision, set goals and plan in a synchronized manner, delivering incremental value across sub-products.

Of course there are other enhancements too that are listed here. Do try out Jile and share your feedback at! We hope this version was worth the wait and we are waiting to hear from you all!



Large Product Workspace

Manage agile delivery for large product groups with area level backlog management and synchronized planning and delivery across product areas
[ Navigate to Setup Domain Workspaces Create a new workspace of type 'Large Product' ]

Separate work area for teams

Teams in Jile will now have a separate work area for managing their iterations and daily work. Teams can navigate to their work area from the 'Workspace Navigator' menu on the Header.

Quick access to adding Teams and Members

You can now add Teams and Team members from a quick access set up menu, next to the workspace navigator menu drop down.

Enriched Guidance

Jile provides guidance on Workspace creation by providing information on the type and meaning of workspaces to users. A new 10 step 'Product Tour' is introduced.
[ On the Home Page click on 'here' from 'Click here for a Product Tour' ]

Workspace Navigator

Enhanced Workspace navigator menu will display all portfolios, products and teams in the drop down for easy access.

Other Updates:

  • Mini Pop-Ups for quick view of full description for each item in the Initiative, Feature or Story card.
  • Workspace delete option
  • Global delete option for users
  • Scheduling options for scheduling deployment pipeline triggers
  • Initiative single page view will show the child features directly
  • Feature single page view will show the child stories and tests directly
  • Story single page view will show Tasks, Tests, Issues, Impediments, Dependencies in tabs directly
  • Initiative and Objective Track progress can be accessed by clicking on the 'Graph icon' button on the corresponding single page view
  • Product Progress will also show budget consumption details
  • Synchronized releases across sub-products will now be managed in a Large Portfolio workspace and there will be no synchronized release planning at the Portfolio Level

The August 2018 Release majorly brings to you a visually appealing 'Strategic Product Roadmap'. The collaboration capability is enhanced by allowing you to now @tag users and add attachments to your discussions.
Of course there are more to this list. We have summarized it for your quick view. Try and experience the new features and send us your feedback to!



Plan Strategic Roadmap

Plan and visualize key initiatives, realizing business objectives over a time-horizon in the strategic roadmap [ Navigate to Strategy Roadmap ]

Separate view for completed releases

Completed Releases are grouped under a separate view in the Release backlog [ Navigate to Release Backlog Release drop down ]

Freeze panes in boards on scrolls

When you scroll down in any of the boards, be it Initiative, Feature, Story or Task board, the Header pane would freeze now.

@Tag users in discussions

You can now @Tag users and add attachments to your discussions.

View cost impact on team movement

In a Portfolio workspace, when we manage team movement across products, the impact on costs and variance will be shown in the Budgets module [ In a Portfolio Workspace, navigate to Portfolio Budgets Manage Teams ]

Other Updates:

  • Objectives can be extended beyond a single time-frame
  • 'Detailed Plan' in Release Plan is renamed to 'Iteration Plan'
  • 'Detailed Plan' in Iteration Plan is now renamed to 'Plan Work'
  • Splitting a Story now retains the parent Feature
  • Splitting a Feature now retains the parent Initiative
  • Web APIs support for triggering a deployment pipeline