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How can agile teams improve business scalability and adapt to market changes better?

The Problem:

The way your teams are working today is keeping the business afloat, but what about growth? You need to be on your toes to grab every opportunity to scale up and respond to changing market demands, but your current tool is just not flexible enough to allow that. Your teams are functioning well execution-wise, but you are unable to take things to the next level. Customers will soon start knocking on your door with renewed and ambitious expectations, and it will get difficult for your business to answer them adequately. Your growth curve has plateaued, worrying you about what lies next for your business.

What you need:

You need to adopt a robust yet flexible way of planning and managing work, which will allow you to make the most of growth opportunities and respond to market changes.

How Jile solves this:

Jile is a planning and work management software that understands the importance of scaling for your business. It will integrate seamlessly with your existing 'Team Execution Tool' and provide you with a preconfigured scaling framework so that you can easily adapt and deliver what the market demands. Easy-to-use dashboards with automated rolled-up information will enable your teams to visualize priorities, progress, and bottlenecks. Also, synchronized scheduling of iterations within Jile will bring cross-functional teams in your organization together for deliveries that always make your customers happy.

Jile solves scalability issues

How can a Business align its IT teams in this fast moving Agile world?

The Problem:

You are experiencing a huge gap between your business and IT teams that is hindering the end-goal. You have an independent IT department that caters to the requirements of multiple business units. The execution and IT teams do not have exposure to entire business functionality and business goals, as they are organized around individual functions. As a result, teams cannot align their work towards the business goals. Thus, their work cannot be measured on business outcomes.

What you need:

End-to-end synchronization between the business and IT teams. 'One-view to align business to IT objectives and teams', which aligns both on a single source of truth and goal.

How Jile solves this:

You can have a bird's-eye view of your teams' Initiatives, Epics, Features, Stories, and Tasks, using our customizable dashboards. Create crystal-clear roadmaps with business objectives and overall strategy, and form cross-functional teams that are in sync with each other as well as the larger goal. Using uniquely designed discussion boards at every level of the development process, your teams can collaborate regularly and help you achieve complete Business-IT alignment.

Jile aligns business IT teams

How can agile teams reduce the gap between business strategy and execution?

The Problem:

You find it difficult to keep execution aligned with broader business objectives. Teams at various stages are unaware of the goals associated with the work items in their backlog and development is carried out without an eye on the big picture. This results in lack of outcome-driven work. Precious time is also wasted on unnecessary work and rework. Due to the lack of a common objective to focus on, your team members are frequently confused when a complex problem arises. Delivery is often delayed, and your customer is dissatisfied.

What you need:

You need to set up clear OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) for your business and convey them adequately to teams so that the larger goals are aligned with daily execution.

How Jile solves this:

Jile is a planning and work management software that simplifies defining of OKRs and connects them to execution. You can easily define your OKRs, assign them to Initiatives, Epics, Features, Stories, and Tasks, and track their fulfillment - all from one place. Your execution teams get a clear view of OKRs associated with work items and deliver products that not only live up to expectations, but also exceeds them. But, that's not all. With Jile you can also easily evaluate the fulfillment of OKRs, and decide whether or not to pursue an Initiative - with a single click. Your business meets its end goals, and your customers, too, are happy.

Jile reduces gap between business strategy and execution

How can a business adopt a product-centric approach to software production and delivery?

The Problem:

You have several short-lived teams that work on multiple projects. At the end of a project, the team is disbanded and assigned to different projects, which leads to a delay in the value chain. Since your primary focus is on projects, you are dealing with a temporary endeavor to achieve a predefined outcome with a predefined capacity, predefined scope, and a predefined schedule.

However, given the nature of IT, it is extremely difficult to predict or predefine the outcome and hence, you might be investing your money and your team's efforts in the wrong direction. Because a project has a limited scope, it keeps value delivery from being a continuous process. In fact, it acts as an impediment in continuous value delivery to customers.

While projects are important at the organizational level, your customers are more interested in what you deliver, not how.

What you need:

A way to manage team utilization and capacity to work on multiple projects without compromising on product quality. Further, you need to evolve into a product-centric organization and ensure quick incremental delivery of business value. The overall focus should be on the end-product and the value/service that it offers.

How Jile solves this:

Jile offers a product-centric setup to align every project to a single business goal, and measure the work done on business outcomes. You can define projects that are independent of any teams so that you can utilize human resources across projects. With Jile's outstanding capabilities, you can create long-lived teams with a hierarchical structure and keep utilizing them for multiple projects, directed towards a common product development.

Product centric approach with Jile

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