Agile Test Management Tool

Jile includes Test Management capabilities for continuous verification and validation

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Continuous Testing

Built-In Quality

Built-In Quality is the ability to build quality into every activity performed.

Agile test management ensures 'Built-In Quality' by enabling the management of all testing activities namely, test design, planning, execution and tracking in a continuous fashion.

Ensure 'Built-In Quality' with Agile Test Management in Jile

Manage comprehensive testing as a continuous activity into your Iterations and Releases by:

  • Designing Tests for Features and Stories
  • Planning Feature and Story testing into Releases and Iterations
  • Executing Tests using Visual Boards
  • Tracking Iteration and Release Quality
  • Managing Issues and Production Defects

In a traditional (waterfall) model, testing is a separate phase with all of the above activities performed in that phase, whereas in an Agile model these activities are performed continuously by cross-functional Agile teams.
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Five dimensions of Scaling Agile

 Test design using Jile

Test Design

Define your acceptance criteria using single step or multi-step tests for Stories, Features and Constraints (non-functional requirements) with ease. Manage reusable tests in a regression library.

Design tests directly on the test boards while performing exploratory testing.

Test design using Jile
Test Planning using jile

Test Planning

Automatically plan Story and Feature tests into Iterations and Releases. In addition, plan regression testing for completed stories and features from the regression library.

Test Planning using jile
Test Execution using jile

Test Execution

Execute planned tests in the Iteration using Visual Test Boards and manage the test results.

Test Execution using jile
Track Product Quality using jile

Track Product Quality

Track product quality at Iteration and Release level using the Release and Iteration Progress Dashboards.

Track Product Quality using jile