Support Services

Customers can contact Jile support when they have any questions or issues and the Jile support team attempts to resolve those to the customer's satisfaction.

  1. Support Contact Methods

You can use any of the following methods to contact the Jile Support help desk and avail support service.

  1. Support Includes

    • Incident Support - Identifying and troubleshooting problems in the system

    • Query Support - Information on the product including sales related queries

    • Provide the initial response as per the severity of the incidents defined below

    • Communication of the status of the incident on a periodic basis until it is resolved

  1. Self Service

An extensive knowledge base is available within the Product for the Customers to search and find answers to the simple problems they face while using the product or service.

  1. Support does not include

    • Consultancy services and configuration to customer specific requirements

    • Problems to be rectified due to improper use, repair by anybody else or for any other purpose

    • Data Migration from existing application / system

    • Hardware problem outside the Services Environment.

    • Network (LAN/WAN) problem outside the Services Environment

    • Data download or data processing services.

    • Product Training

    • Support in languages other than English

    • Third-party application integration services

  1. Response Time

Response Time is provided as typical initial response times to support requests. TCS will use commercially reasonable efforts to meet response time goals. Response time goals in no way create a legal requirement or obligation for TCS to always provide such response in the stated time. Response time will be valid only for Problem resolution and not for query resolution

  1. Incident Severity

Response times vary by the following defined severity levels

Definition Description

Severity 1


  • Production system is down

  • Product is unusable resulting in total disruption of work or other critical business impact. No work around is available

Severity 2


  • Major Feature or Function is failure

  • Operations are severely restricted. A work around is available

Severity 3


  • Minor Feature or Function is failure

  • There is an issue that needs to be resolved, but primary functionality to critical and key solutions is not impaired.

  • Issue has a low impact to your overall business

Severity 4


  • Shall mean cosmetic Errors or minor suggestions that have no impact on usage and business

  • Documentation, general information request, enhancement etc

  1. Service Support and Service Level

The following Service levels will be maintained by TCS for Jile Support Response:




Timing for reporting Error / Incident

This is the duration during which Support help desk can be contacted through the emai support@jile.io.

24 x 7 days (Monday to Sunday) including Indian Holidays.

Standard Response Time for incident

Response Time is provided as typical initial response times in business hours to support requests

Sev1 - Less than 1 business hour

Sev2 - Less than 4 business hours

Sev3 - Less than 8 business hours

Sev4 - Less than 2 business days

Email Acknowledgement (from receipt time)

This specifies the timeframe within which the support personnel will acknowledge any email from customer SPOC

Less than 1 business hour