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5 Levels of Agile Planning | Jile

5 Levels of Agile Planning

Planning is an inevitable part of everyone's day-to-day activities! In Agile Software Development too, there are multiple levels of planning ...

Five Powerful Enterprise Agile

Five Powerful Enterprise Agile Frameworks

It is easy to achieve fast and quality delivery with small teams. But, how can you scale up for a large enterprise?

Top 5 factors influencing Backlog Prioritization

Top 5 factors influencing Backlog Prioritization

Watch out for the top 5 factors influencing backlog prioritization, which helps identify the immediate need of users and the business.

Case Studies

How a multinational steel manufacturing company initiated seamless Business-IT collaboration and improved delivery timelines

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How a large private bank successfully initiated digital transformation and went paperless using Jile's Agile approach

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How a large global banking company started gaining end-to-end visibility over product development and delivering value

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Video Library

How To Videos - Scrum

How to set your product's vision and objectives?

Jile has a vision board that lets you describe, visualize and validate your product's vision along with vision statement and its various dimensions in the form of a visual canvas.

How to onboard Agile teams and its members?

Create any number of Agile teams, onboard team members, define roles, team velocity and much more with 'Manage Teams' in Jile.

How To Videos - Kanban

Create and onboard Kanban team

Watch this video to know how to Onboard Team Members to Kanban teams in Jile.

Backlog Hierarchy for Kanban Teams

Watch this video to learn choose types of items or entities allowed in backlog hierarchy of Kanban team in Jile.

Product Videos

Product Tour

Watch how Jile through its configurable ways of working helps teams adopt and evolve Agile methods and practices that best fit their team and organizational needs.

Jile for Deployment Automation

Watch how Jile helps teams define and manage automated pipeline having multiple stages, jobs and steps. Also, check out the set of plugins to popular third party tools.

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