A Large, Private Bank

Agile Basics

The Customer:

One of the largest private banks in the world that provides banking and financial services in more than 15 countries across the globe and employs around one hundred thousand people.

The Challenge:

The company started Agile implementation without an integrated approach. They didn't have a coach or mentor to ensure adherence to Agile principles and practices. They used different tools and excel spreadsheets to track and control activities without any high-level visibility of teams' performance. There was no standard reporting for management review.

The Solution:

Jile was chosen as the preferred platform for enterprise-wide Agile implementation. Jile provided a single Agile DevOps platform to keep the current processes working and incorporate innovation, new technologies and practices to ensure better Agile implementation. They adopted a single instance of Jile as the official platform for multiple, geographically-distributed teams. All of the information and activities from various stakeholders were brought into one place. Teams and business stakeholders were able to do official reporting and objectives analysis on one platform.

The Result:

The company transitioned to 100% Agile and went PAPERLESS. The number of unplanned stories decreased from 32% to 15%. The customer witnessed a whopping 60% increase in stakeholder participation. Jile provides seamless monitoring of real-time activities, visualization of data at different levels and types and a history of activities and practices. It provides immense online reporting options, thereby saving the company 4 hours per week of manual reporting for a scrum master.

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