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Elevate your portfolio game

Respond to market changes faster with Lean Portfolio Management.

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Bring your portfolio to life

Define and capture your Agile Portfolio strategy easily on a snappy Vision board.

Agile portfolio vision board

Define business objectives with ease

Establish business objectives in just a few clicks on a user-friendly interface. Also set up OKRs to measure fulfillment at various levels.

Agile objectives and kpi

Create and evaluate strategic initiatives

Drive strategic initiatives and get visibility into the execution rollout of the initiatives. Each strategic initiative can have a scoring and ranking mechanism to create a customizable evaluation funnel. Distribute these initiatives to programs which can be tracked to closure for value realization. These initiatives roll up to OKRs for performance assessment.

Agile portfolio vision board

Allocate, distribute and track budgets

Lean budgeting ensures optimum use of the allocated budget, helping teams to increase productivity, while reducing the overhead and costs. Allocate funds across departments for initiatives and programs to deliver value, and keep track of the allocated and consumed budgets.

Agile objectives and kpi

Manage and track Backlogs effectively

Create your Backlog items within a simplistic Epic board and track them visually in real time.

Portfolio backlog

Establish alignment at all levels

Map business objectives to entities, ensuring teams at all levels are guided by the set objectives.

Objective progress

Make decisions with a single click

Is your Epic meeting its business goals? Do you keep investing in an Epic or shift your focus to a different one?

Determine feasibility of Epics during retrospectives by analyzing OKRs and decide with a single click.

Improve user experience with Jile

See your business clearly

Visualize release roadmaps for multiple projects/value streams on a real-time dashboard.

Release roadmap with Jile

Customize Dashboards for visually stunning Reports

Transform your data into actionable insights by generating powerful reports through our custom reports & dashboards. Also, easily present those meaningful insights to your executives, enabling them to take informed decisions.

Visual dashboards and customizable reports

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