Accelerate value delivery through a scalable
Agile DevOps product

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An Agile DevOps product for the Modern Digital Enterprise


Define your enterprise vision

Capture the vision, manage objectives & identify key initiatives

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Groom product backlog

Define, elaborate, estimate & rank product backlog

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Manage release schedules

Plan release scope, iteration timelines & team capacity

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Orchestrate deployment pipeline

Automate delivery pipelines, execute tests, capture defects & track progress

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Track progress real-time

Track progress through dashboards & analyze data using reports

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Prabhu Arumugham
Product Head, Jile

Easy to try, buy and use

Available on cloud and on demand for trial and usage

Simple to scale

Start small with agile at team level and easily scale up to multiple teams

Built for enterprise agile

Supports adoption of agile practices by teams, programs and portfolios

Integrated DevOps

Deliver fast by seamlessly integrating through continuous delivery pipeline

Framework agnostic

Scale agile using popular frameworks like LeSS, SAFe and Nexus

Benefit from industry experience

Built by agile practitioners through proven practices from industry-wide experiences

Melinda Ballou
Research Director
Agile ALM, Quality & Portfolio Strategies, IDC

Analyst's Perspective

DevOps ALM automation tools such as Jile can become key factors for transitioning companies to systemic agile DevOps execution, supported by organizational and process change strategies.

With the need for multiple releases per year for business-critical applications, products like Jile can be core enablers for the application development and delivery Life-Cycle.

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Fundamentals on Agile and DevOps

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Jile for modern application development


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