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Scale up or down as and when required.

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Free Edition

Best suited for single agile team trying agile planning




  • 30 Days *
  • Up to 15 users
  • 5GB Storage
  • Online help content


  • Scrum + Kanban Boards
  • Sprints, Backlogs Retrospectives
  • Manage as Single Project
  • PI, Iterations Planning
  • Task Dependencies, Time tracking

* Contact us to renew

Team Edition

Best suited for small teams starting on their Agile Ways of Working


per user per month

10-day free trial

No credit card required *

Pay Monthly Pay Annually
  • Number of users (up to 50)
  • Storage limit (300GB)
  • Business hour support


All features under Free Edition +

  • Team of teams
  • Roll up details
  • Enterprise LDAP/SSO
  • Support for Integration with Enterprise. Apps as addons, Custom (OLAP)
  • Reports & Dashboards

Standard Edition

Best suited for small to medium teams with a disciplined delivery approach


10-day free trial

No credit card required *

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited Storage
  • 24x7 premium support


All features under Team Edition +

Test Management

  • Integrated Test Management

Application Lifecycle Management

  • Ideas & Requirement Management
  • Multiple delivery methodologies (Agile/ Traditional)
  • Product and Project Planning and Management
  • Standard reports for monitoring
  • Choice of multiple delivery methodologies
  • Grooming Ideas to Deployment Management
  • Prebuilt APIs for integration to enterprise tools

DevOps Suppport

  • CICD Pipeline Management & Delivery Insights

Ultimate Edition

Best suited for medium to large enterprises with integrated DevSecOps practices




  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited Sites #
  • 24x7 premium support


All features under Standard Edition +

  • Vision, OKR & Value Stream Management
  • Ideas to Business Strategy Management
  • Distributed Application development support
  • CXO Dashboards -Vision (OKR) to Outcome(KPI)
  • Large Transformation initiatives
  • Business Development Security Delivery Ops Analytics Agility
  • Packaged Applications & System Development (Non-Bespoke)
  • Development Processes for Distributed Application and Microservices on Cloud
  • Enterprise Agile Planning and Delivery
  • Product to enable Enterprise-wide Agile Transformation

# Multiple tenants in an enterprise

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Capabilities Free Team Standard Ultimate
Sprints, Backlogs Retrospectives

Scrum/ Kanban

Team of teams

Enterprise LDAP/SSO/ Custom OLAP

Test Management

Idea Management


CICD/ DevSecOps

Enterprise Agile Methodologies







Value Stream Management

Enterprise Transformation

Packaged Apps/ Distributed Apps

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. For single agile teams getting started on agile, Jile offers a Free Edition that can be renewed every 30 days or upgraded to a higher edition by procuring the licenses. By default, Jile also offers a 10-day trial for the Team and Standard editions.
At the end of your 10-day trial period, you can contact our support team at support@jile.io to learn more about trial extension.
Jile offers Free, Team, Standard, and Ultimate editions. Visit our pricing page to compare features and pricing.
Yes, a free subscription of one month is offered with the annual purchase of the Team edition. For more offers, please contact our support team at support@jile.io.
Yes, you can sign up for the Free edition directly from the website. The Team edition can be purchased from the website using a valid credit card. For Standard and Ultimate editions, you can reach out to us at support@jile.io.
Yes, for details on special pricing, please visit our partner page. You can also connect with us at support@jile.io to discuss our partner engagement program.
You can view your subscription details on the 'MyAccount' page.
The Free Edition, which is provided as a beginner edition for a single agile team will only support 15 users at a time. Team edition is primarily designed for small teams starting on the agile way of working and is ideal for a combined team size of 50 users. There are no specified limits for Standard and Ultimate editions. The user limit is defined by the number of licenses procured and configured for the subscription.
The trial instance needs to be converted to a paid one by the end of the trial period. You will keep receiving purchase notifications towards the end of the trial period. If no action is taken, the trial instance will be suspended.
The data will be archived for 30 days after which it will be deleted permanently.
The Team, Standard, and Ultimate edition users can reach out to our support team at support@jile.io. For users of the Free edition, extensive help material is available online.
Currently, we do not provide any option to downgrade.