Frequently asked Questions

Oh yes! Get started on a 30-day trial of Jile by simply signing up for free without entering any credit card or payment details. Once you sign up, you will have instant access to all the features of Jile for the next 30 days!
We will email you before your trial expires. To avail paid subscription, you need to click 'Buy Now' on your 'My Account' page. Once the payment is done, yours will become a paid account. Everything else remains intact.
Your account will be converted into a paid account immediately. However, your free trial period will continue till the trial end date. Your billing period will begin from the end of the trial period.
It's a 30 days subscription. We accept payments through PayU for India customers and PayPal for rest of the world.
Absolutely limitless! Procure and add as many licenses as you wish any time during your subscription period.
You can add or reduce user licenses by accessing your 'My Account' page any time during the usage.
Missed subscribing? Not to worry! Your data will be retained for one month during which, you can login and pay for subscribing to Jile.