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Best suited for small teams with Agile Ways of Working!

  •   Plan agile release thru Sprints, Backlogs Retrospectives
  •   Manage your Team of teams
  •   Enterprise LDAP/ SSO/ Custom OLAP

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Frequently Asked Questions

The free Jile subscription is available to Agile teams from 1 to 20 team members.
The offer has no timeframe. You can register for the offer anytime and avail the free subscription for 20 users for 30 days from the date of signing up.
The first 20 licenses are free for 30 days from the date of registration. All additional licenses are charged at $12 for Standard edition and $20 for Enterprise edition per user, per month.
Complete the above registration form with your First Name, Last Name, and Business email. Create a password and click Sign Up.
After registering for a free subscription, you will receive a Jile subscription of 20 licenses that is valid for 30 days from the date of signing up.
We will email you before your free subscription ends. To purchase a subscription, you will need to click 'Buy Now' on your 'My Account' page. Once the payment is completed, the subscription converts to a paid subscription. All your data remains intact.
There can only be one subscription associated with an email ID. If you already have an active paid subscription with your email ID, then you need to use a different email ID to subscribe to this offer. Please note that you cannot migrate your paid subscription to a subscription under this offer.
If you have an active trial subscription registered to yourself, you may contact Jile support to disable your current trial subscription to take advantage of the offer.

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