A Large, Global Banking company

Sacling Agile to enterprise

The Customer:

A large global banking and financial services company with more than 8,000 branches, spanning across 17 countries and employing more than 150,000 employees.

The Challenge:

It started with an application modernization program that the bank had initiated as part of its mission of going digital. The company, known for its innovation and technology, serves the needs of millions of customers in both small and large businesses. This required their IT department to develop and deliver new features to their legacy applications, resulting in improved customer satisfaction, more business and revenue over a period of time. The first step was to build and quickly deliver these modern applications. In addition, the bank wanted complete visibility over the development progress to understand the value delivered to customers.

The Solution:

The time was right for the teams to adopt Agile practices and quickly deliver modern systems to the market. The plan was for the teams to start small and ramp up over a period of one year. Due to the scale of the program, the bank chose Jile because it combines both Agile and DevOps capabilities in one platform. Jile was the perfect tool for the customer because it is built for scaling Agile in the enterprise and can also connect disparate DevOps tools for value stream visibility from ideation to deployment.

The Result:

The bank was able to successfully setup Agile teams and adopt Scrum framework. Using Jile, they were able to easily manage teams and backlogs effectively. Also, Jile enabled the teams to connect all of their DevOps tools in order to orchestrate the DevOps toolchain, enable CI/CD, and automate many processes, such as testing for increased deployment speed. As Jile was specifically developed for visibility at the team, program, portfolio and enterprise levels, there was complete transparency. All stakeholders in the software delivery process were able to have complete visibility into the processes that resulted in better and informed business decision making.

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