How a multinational steel manufacturing company initiated seamless Business-IT collaboration and improved delivery timelines

Agile Basics

The Customer:

The client is one of the largest steel producers and manufacturers that employs around 80,500 people and operates in 26 countries.

The Challenge:

A 400-member strong IT department, supporting the entire internal and business IT, had been using the waterfall or iterative waterfall methodology for its project management for more than two decades. The company had to cope with the fast-changing demands and expectations of business in terms of delivery, scope, and quality compliance. The client had to improve business involvement and collaboration with additional focus on enterprise-level IT management and governance.

The Jile Solution:

Jile provided the client with an Enterprise Agile Methodology, having a single platform as the source of truth, to enable digitalization of delivery along with orchestration of the CI/CD pipeline to ensure faster time to market. The IT development processes were scaled up for enterprise-level delivery and management. With Jile, the teams started leveraging real-time monitoring and status updates at the portfolio level. They had complete traceability of the development process right from ideation to deployment.

The Result:

Jile enabled the heterogeneous teams within multiple programs to collaborate and provide one working software at the end of every time-box. Teams could make use of the real-time monitoring of status and access to reports during their daily stand-up sessions with necessary checks and balances set up. The client began to meet business expectations and this led to an improved customer satisfaction.

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