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Multiple teams, one dream

Get higher value from your teams to deliver products faster to the market by envisioning outcome and measuring continuous progress.

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Visualize the eventual from the beginning

Gain complete visibility of your scrum development work


The big picture

Up your game with a powerful vision board to deliver products that outlive promises through performance.

Build better, track smarter, progress faster using our visual board.

Vision board

Team Onboarding

Build a winning team

Onboard a dedicated group of cross-functional professionals to build product-consumable software in an incremental and iterative fashion to deliver business value. Configure specific team member roles, and manage team velocity and story points.

Manage team members dasboard


Prioritize by importance

Create backlogs and address the most important aspects first to help the team deliver higher business value sooner. Product owners can quickly add features into the backlog, provide detailed description of each feature, define the benefits and acceptance criteria, and attach supporting documents.

Scrum backlog board

Sprint Planning

Sprint ahead of the competition

Help your software, business, and support teams to stay ahead of the curve through progressive sprint planning. With an intuitive planning board and live indicators, teams can plan user stories and tasks into iterations and sprints based on their capacity.

Sprint planning board

Sprint Execution

The smart way of working

Use the scrum board for daily scrums. Teams use this board to create new tasks, tag them to stories for execution, and log work hours. The scrum board helps in checking the availability and utilization of team members, and have a minimum viable product by the end of a sprint.

Sprint execution board

Track and Measure

Monitor every move

Track real-time progress of iterations visually, including all artefacts, sprint burndown reports and Cumulative Flow Diagrams(CFD). The sprint dashboard offers a visual representation of all the metrics in the form of charts, graphs, and tables. Track stories and tasks, status of impediments and dependencies to measure progress and head towards completion.

Track and measure dashboard

Close & Retrospect

Discover opportunities with Retrospectives

Close a sprint after all the stories and associated tasks are deemed done. Split partially completed user stories and move them to the next sprint. Retrospect to adapt, and identify opportunities for improvement in the next sprint.

Close and retrospective details
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