Adopt Agile DevOps practices, Scale across team-of-teams and Transform into an agile enterprise

Define product vision, goals and roadmap - Jile

To help enterprises build and deliver innovative solutions faster to the market, Jile provides a single platform to manage the end-to-end software delivery value stream from ideation to planning, development, testing and finally, deployment using agile methods and practices.

It helps scale agile methods and practices across the organizational hierarchy, starting from teams to programs and portfolio of products. It enables product teams to envision a Product, define its roadmap, plan and deliver product increments and large integrated solutions.


Ensure perfect alignment between IT and business objectives

Capture the vision, Define Objective Key Results (OKR) and Identify key initiatives



Identify features that benefit the end user and add value to the business

Identify key features from user personas, Elaborate , Estimate and Rank product backlog



Inspect and adapt at every stage for early course corrections

Plan release scope, iteration timelines and Pull features into backlog based on team's capacity



Achieve release and iteration goals through a good quality working software

Implement user stories, Collaborate and Deliver a working software in a defined time box



Build quality into every activity performed

Define test cases, Plan and Execute tests, Capture defects and Track progress



Automate and orchestrate the CI/CD pipeline to improve time-to-market

Deploy on a single click, Track and Measure progress across various stages of a pipeline


Adopt Agile DevOps Practices

Six ways of working

Start your Agile journey by enabling software development and delivery teams to adopt Agile methods and practices such as Scrum and Kanban.

Jile provides multiple ways of working that can be configured based on the agile method that the teams want to adopt. The teams can gradually evolve these methods as they scale up in their agile journey.

Scrum and Kanban are two of the six pre-configured templates that can be used by scrum and Kanban development and support teams to adopt agile methods at the team level to optimize the development flow and be Agile.

Learn more about the different Agile methods that Jile supports here.


Scale Agile from Teams, to Programs and Portfolio of products with leading Agile frameworks such as Disciplined Agile (DA), Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) and so on.

Configurable Organizational Hierarchy

Model an organization's structure by representing various business units, portfolios and product groups


Configurable Process Templates

Support for enterprise scaling frameworks such as DA, LeSS through out-of-the-box pre-configured templates

Learn more about the different Ways of Working (WoW) that Jile supports here.


Multi-level Backlog Management

Manage product backlog for every work area or level such as Capabilities, Features, Stories, and Defects


Strategic Initiatives

Define and Manage high-level portfolio vision, business goals and large strategic initiatives


Enterprise Reporting

Roll-up data across all levels in your organizational hierarchy, all the way to the enterprise


Synchronized Planning and Tracking

Plan and Deliver in synchronized release and iteration schedules across all levels in your organization



Transform into a truly Agile enterprise by adopting a Product-centric delivery model and provide continuous value to your customers.

Product-centric Agile Delivery is a model where outcome-oriented, cross-functional team-of-teams are organized and funded around key IT-enabled business capabilities. These team-of-teams 'Think, Build and Deliver' continuous value to its customers.

Organizations achieve the highest level of business agility when they are able to sense and respond to customer needs and market changes rapidly by delivering innovative solutions. The 'Product-centric' delivery approach is innovative compared to a 'Project-centric' delivery approach because it entails an Agile DevOps approach, plus a cultural shift of combining IT and business, and system and tooling improvements.

Learn more on 'Product-centric delivery' here.

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