How a telecommunications company improved its delivery timelines, agile test and defect management, traceability, and collaboration between teams with Jile

Sacling Agile to enterprise

The Customer:

The client is one of the largest telecommunication companies in Philippines with more than 1000 employees, commanding over 45% of all subscribers. The company offers broadband, cable, and satellite television services in Philippines.

The Challenge:

The company needed to increase its business agility and maintain its market leadership in the rapidly evolving communications service provider landscape of DTH, broadband, and cable TV services. This required transforming their legacy stack to an advanced digital platform that would be capable of managing the company's large volume of nearly one million customers. Given the scale, it was extremely critical that the transformation improved business performance as well as curb the revenue loss. Stakeholders and teams involved were heavily dependent on Microsoft Excel for project planning, delivery timelines, and test management, thus limiting their visibility across the entire process from requirements gathering to deployment.

Even though few of the company's projects were being deployed using agile methodology from a popular tool in the market, they were not quite reaping the benefits of agile and were unable to scale up, hence, having an insignificant impact overall. An alternative progressive method was required to analyze the company's revenue chain, identify process gaps, and align business and IT by truly adopting an agile model for faster realization.

The Jile Solution:

Jile proposed the implementation of HOBS to control revenue leakage and minimize opportunity losses, while delivering cost assurance and facilitating regular audits and error bucket reconciliations. The whole implementation was proposed to be delivered using Enterprise Agile scaling frameworks for faster realization. Jile provided the required framework and structure to the delivery team, especially around test management. In addition, agile ceremonies such as system demos and retros helped to achieve and configure a solution that was fit for the purpose, thus keeping business and delivery teams in sync with every sprint, truly achieving 'Speed to Value'.

The Result:

Jile was able to successfully manage the implementation of HOBS, and acted as a true enabler for their transformation journey.

Here are the results of implementing Jile:

Superior Business Agility: The organization was successfully able to adopt an enterprise-wide agile scaling framework, thereby improving on delivery timelines, agile test and defect management, traceability, collaboration between teams, enterprise reporting, and eventually, better governance.

Faster Time to Market: With quick rollout of HOBS, the company's DTH scaled seamlessly by 29% since the launch, achieved 99.9% first time right and accelerated the launch of its pay per view products/ promotions.

Unified Customer Experience: The company improved its customer experience with reduced complaints, and delivery of consolidated digital services across channels. The media giant was also better positioned to proactively meet the evolving customer and market demands.

Easy to use: Jile's intuitive end user focused design approach, flexibility, and easy configuration of workspace to suit customer's 'ways of working', made a significant difference in ease of adoption and use. In addition, 24X7 active support provided the added comfort to the users.

Single source of truth - Reports and Dashboards: Jile's holistic dashboard enabled the organization with an end-to-end visibility over their project and ensured that the team was able to track progress which was crucial for them.

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